Different terminal types

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Different terminal types

Three types of terminals: Handheld, vehiclebased and airborne terminals

Handheld terminals are comparable to normal cellular telephones, but are often ruggedized to endure outdoor use. They are often worn on the outside of the uniform, and must therefore be water-, dust- and shockproof.


Such terminals are often used in conjunction with accessories as ear speakers and external microphones, all made to fit the particular application. Typical applications can be smoke-diver equipment or noise-cancelling earphones.


Mobile radio terminals are used in most of the agencies vehicles. Several types of terminals are in use, specialized for the actual type of vehicle. This could be waterproof equipment for use on motorcycles or snow mobiles, or duplicated control heads for use in ambulances.


Airborne terminals are in use in helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts. These terminals are purpose-made to conform with strict regulations for use with Night Vision Goggles and/or duplication of both radio and control heads. These solutions are often called TETRA AGA. (Air-Ground-Air)