Other users

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Other users

Other users with responsibilities within public safety may in time be given the opportunity to use Nødnett.

Multiple users connected to a common robust nationwide communications network give new possibilities for sharing of information and cooperation across geographical and organizational borders.

The Parliament of Norway Storting has assumed that other user groups with responsibilities within public safety should be able to become users in Nødnett in the future. The emphasis is on achieving the greatest possible benefit to society through a broad utilization of Nødnett. The Standing Committee of Justice has pointed out that the new network should become one of the pillars of the overall defence in the future.


The possibility of becoming a user in Nødnett will be determined in an overall assessment of the user, and given demands must be met before a user is eventually considered.

At least one of the following demands must be met to be able to be considered as a user of Nødnett:

  • Defined responsibility for safety and rescue
  • Close contact with public safety organizations in performance of their duties 
  • Responsible for critical services in the community
  • Performs important services of a certain level of great social importance
  • Owner or operator of critical infrastructure

Possible user groups

The following user groups are expected to be considered based on the demands listed over:

Rescue resources Other users with resonsibilities within public safety

Other important public services

Civil Defence Power suppliers Care services
The Joint Rescue Coordination Centers Norwegian Armed Forces Traffic agencies
Search and rescue helicopters Municipal preparedness Port Authority
Voluntary search and rescue organizations Customs Municipal technical departments
Norwegian Sea Rescue The Norwegian Public Roads Administration Owners of critical infrastructure
  Industrial protection  
  Oil Recovery Operations  
  The Norwegian Coastal Administration  
  Correctional Services  
  Other governmental preparedness  


DNK has established contact with several users in the list above.