Fire services

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Fire services

Nødnett simplifies the communication with the other emergency agencies for the fire services.

The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning has run and coordinated the work with the introduction of Nødnett for the fire departments and the 110 centrals as a part of the introduction project BRANN (fire) in DNK.

Fire departments in numbers

There are approx. 380 fire and rescue departments with approx. 12500 employees. The fire departments in the largest municipalities have full time employed fire fighters. Most of the fire departments in Norway (approx. 77 %) have part time employed fire fighters.

The municipalities are responsible for the fire preparedness in Norway. Several fire departments are inter municipal.

There are 22 operation centres (110 centrals) within fire in Norway.


Nødnett cover the fire departments needs for call out and communication between fire fighters, 110 central and the other emergency services. Communication is a part of the fire departments day to day tasks.