Health services

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Health services

The primary users within health services are personnel on ambulances, doctors on call and operators in the different emergency units.

Health services have used an analogue radio communication network for health services since the 1980s to alert and coordinate health personnel on duty when receiving emergency messages. Nødnett will eventually replace this old system.

Nødnett gives the health services greater possibilities for secure communication and interaction within health services and with the other emergency agencies.

Project management and operation

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has lead and coordinated the work with implementation of Nødnett in health services on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The work has been done in close contact with regional health services and municipalities.

Health’s own support organization, Helsetjenestens Driftsorganiasjon (HDO), in Gjøvik is responsible for operations and support of health’s users.