The police

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The police

The police are using Nødnett for mission critical voice communication in their day to day operations.

The police in Norway are divided into 12 districts. All the districts have their own operation centre, which insures a uniform management and coordination of the police force in the district. The operation centres controls the mission handling and receives messages/ phone calls from citizens on 112.

A good communication platform is an important protection and a tool in their day to day exercises. When the police get a call that requires their assistance, the patrols are dispatched to the scene of action. Nødnett is an important tool in the administration of patrols, in order to give the citizens the best possible service. The communication between the operation centres and the patrols is dispatched through Nødnett.

Police’s main task is to prevent and fight crime. In order to accomplish this, they shall ensure the safety of citizens, protect vital social functions and central infrastructure against unwanted events. The police are the key player in civil society preparedness in a variety of situations, and an important collaborator to the work with public safety. 

Project management, training and operation

The National Police Directorate has lead and coordinated the introduction of Nødnett in the police. An introduction program (SAMPOL) was established with a program management in the National Police Directorate. All police districts had local projects with responsibilities concerning local facilitation and introduction.

The Norwegian Police University College is responsible for the training of using Nødnett. They have established a training centre in Stavern.

National Police Computing and Material Service are responsible the technical implementation within the police and supports the users of Nødnett.