Study for introducing TETRA pagers

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Technical feasibility study for introducing TETRA pagers for callout in Norway

The Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK) is acting on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice regarding the introduction of a new digital communication network in Norway for emergency and public safety.
  • Brukere. Illustrasjonsbilde Foto: DNK

In addition to conventional radio terminals there are a need by some users for light and small pagers for callout and alerting. In the short term DNK like to investigate if the existing TETRA pager products already in the market could be adopted or modified to work satisfactorily in the TETRA Dimetra 6.2 network from Motorola, to be upgraded to Dimetra 8.0 shortly and the actual implementation of the Control Rooms delivered by Frequentis.
Therefore DNK wants clarity on the technical feasibility to use existing products, or if these, with minor modifications could be used, in our network for callout. Please, read the attached document for more information.