About Nødnett

Incident commanders from the fire-, police- and health services are talking in front of an ambulance.
Photo: Fredrik Naumann/DSB

The Norwegian critical communication network, called Nødnett, is owned and managed by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). Approximately 2100 TETRA base stations secure 86% area coverage and close to 100% population coverage.

Nødnett became nationwide in 2015, and the network represents a significant improvement of public protection and preparedness.

Nødnett has approximately 60.000 users, including three emergency agencies and various other preparedness users. In additional to the core users, voluntary organizations, state actors, municipalities and the power industry use Nødnett. Broad use of Nødnett has been, and still is, a main goal.

Rundemanen-av Helge Skodvin_2.jpg
Photo: Helge Skodvin/DSB

The Nødnett Effect

Nødnett connects the Norwegian emergency resources. Nødnett has made it possible to share information, build common situational awareness and collaborate during emergencies. The lines of cooperation are clearer and the resources better managed. Nødnett provides secure communication when needed and enables the helpers in our society to protect lives and values. This is "the Nødnett Effect".