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This Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices for Nødnett Connect mobile application and Nødnett Connect web dispatch provided by the Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Nødnett Connect”). This Privacy Policy applies to the information DSB collect, store and process from the users of Nødnett Connect. By using Nødnett Connect, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, the accompanying Terms of Use for Nødnett Connect and the General Terms and Conditions for Nødnett. The personal data is processed in accordance with the the Norwegian Personal Data Act of 15 June 2018 no. 38.

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are available in the Nødnett Connect mobile application and on nø

 Information DSB Collect

By using Nødnett Connect, you accept that DSB collects the following information:

  • location data
  • basic usage information
  • phone number


Location data is collected directly from your mobile device. The information is collected based on your opt-in choices in your application settings. Location data is transmitted in real time to other members in your Talk Groups but is not stored.

If you have activated the GSP receiver in your mobile, you can on your own initiative send information about your location as a message to other users of the service. Your message with location information is stored in the messaging service for a limited period of 30 days before the message is automatically deleted. Only the location information that existed at the time you sent the message will be available to others.

If you have activated automatic sharing of location information for your user, the service will obtain location information continuously and share this with members of the active Talk Group that is of the type "Operational manager" or "Control center". If at any time you choose to switch off the GPS receiver on your mobile, or you log out of the service, no location information will be shared with others. No location information is stored centrally.

Basic usage information (e.g., device status, device type, device OS and the browser utilized to download the application) is collected when using Nødnett Connect. This information is temporary collected to provide and improve the Nødnett Connect services.

All information apart from username and phone number is made anonymous and is not associated with any specific user information.

Your username can be displayed to other users of Nødnett and Nødnett Connect currently online who share your Talk Groups, depending on your operating organization's choice of configuration.

Phone number is collected from the information provided by your operating organization when ordering the Nødnett Connect application. This information is collected and stored in order to provide you with PTT services. Your phone number may be visible to other users of Nødnett Connect within your organization (Nødnett Connect phonebook), your Talk Groups and other users of the PTT Service (Nødnett and Nødnett Connect) when set up by your organization. On request, your phone number can be changed by your operating organization.

Audio and data transmission

DSB does not store any audio or data transmission from your use of Nødnett Connect.  Data (text, pictures, videos, location information, files) that you send from your mobile phone/device may be stored in the recipients' device. Furthermore, DSB cannot prevent the use of any other applications on a mobile phone which might include audio and screen recording applications.

If you activate an emergency alarm, your organization's Nødnett Control Center can access the microphone on your mobile phone and listen into the incident. Any audio access beyond emergency incidents will have to be regulated by your organization.

Disclosure of information

DSB will not disclose your information to a third party unless it is required by public authorities that have legal basis to receive such information.

Your Choices/Opt-out

You can decide whether you want to share your location data with other users. By activating the GPS receiver in your mobile, you can choose to share the information by sending a message with location information to other users. You can also choose to activate the automatic sharing of location information by contacting your operating organization. To ensure your safety when you are logged into the service and at work some employers require that you automatically share location information. Your employer might need location information to assist you when the emergency alarm is activated. Contact your employer for practices and guidelines.

By default, your username is visible to other users in your voice groups. You and your operating organization may choose to anonymize the username.

Storage of app settings

We will store your choices under your application settings such as sending of text notifications, location sharing, playing of the Group Call Incoming Sound, Map Type, Map Traffic Overlay, Profile, activated/deactivated Talk Groups, and Profile Selection.

Children's Privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18 through the Nødnett connect application.  Applications developed by or on behalf of DSB are intended for use by persons above the age 18.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may add or upgrade Nødnett Connect to provide you with new or improved functions. We may update this privacy policy from time to time to reflect any changes in our service or use of data or changes in the law.

Contract details

For further information contact the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, Mailbox 2014, 3103 Tønsberg, Norway. E-mail:

Effective Date: March 28th, 2023